IT Dimensions, Inc.

Business Meeting

Customized Business Process Management Dashboards

Integrated web based dashboards will give you a quick, real-time holistic view of your work flow.

The Process

1. Identify Your Pain Points

We will collaborate with you and your team to identify what in your business process works and what needs to be improved.

2. Define Your Work Flow

We will customize the dashboards and connect to external data sources.

Set up conditions, set alerts and notifications, create triggers to automate repetitive steps and model your process just as you defined it.

3. Streamline the Process

Your software has been custom designed to align with your business process in collaboration with your team who will be using it. There are no surprises and unfamiliar functionality.

Some adjustments are expected and tweaks will be made in the first few weeks.

Data management is our core skills. Our data management and application development services resolve information challenges in your organization. 
We provide a single technology stack that enhances your organization's data quality, data optimization and integration.

  • Data Integration Between Outsourced Applications and On-Premise Systems
  • Database Connection, Including Applications and ERP System
  • Fast, Native Connections With Commonly Used Databases
  • Complicated Rule-Sets for Unions or LOBs
  • Proprietary Coding
  • Data Synchronization
  • Scaling Solution Development